The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme’s mission is to conserve this endangered species as a flagship for the Afroalpine environment, on which many people and endemic wildlife depend.

Despite being a charismatic species, Ethiopian wolves are still relatively little known to the global community. We’ve been able to grow our online reach significantly in the last couple of years but still have a long way to go. We are keen to join a network of like-minded conservationists and share our stories of optimism and resilience, often in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

EWCP has worked throughout Ethiopia since 1995 contending with the devastating impacts of rabies, and optimism has become a fundamental driving force behind our activities. We have since incorporated positive messaging as a core part of our communications strategy, materialising in outreach activities and especially online communications, where an optimistic framing has helped our supporters feel the impact of their contributions and sparked intrigue about Ethiopia’s wildlife and environment.

We partly depend on charitable donations to keep our projects running so it’s always important to expand our reach and attract the interest of more people. We hope that partnering with Conservation Optimism might help us grow our social media channels and their audiences, as well as our professional network, so that we may share our messages of One Health, holistic and community-centred conservation even further, supporting our efforts to secure the long-term viability of our work and inspiring interest in Ethiopia’s biodiversity in more people.

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