At Estación Biológica el Banco we want to share news about our work with sea turtle conservation on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, and to highlight the successes of our collaboration with the local community of el Banco. We are striving to protect the endangered marine and coastal ecosystems of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala through research and conservation. Our vision is of a world where people are empowered to protect marine and coastal environments for future generations. The Estación el Banco is a hub where researchers, students, and conservationists can come together to learn about and protect the coastal habitats of Guatemala’s Pacific Coast. We promote the respectful and responsible treatment of wildlife and nature, and local cultures.

We want to join ConservationNOW to join a movement of likeminded, and positive thinking people to spread news about conservation efforts, successes, and opportunities to get involved in conservation. We want to network, and share our findings, our stories, our goals, dreams, desires and vision for conservation. We want to share stories about what is working in the field of wildlife conservation and to encourage others to get involved in a positive movement. Partnering with other organisations that share similar values and integrity is important to us. We want to showcase the amazing conservation efforts that are being undertaken in Guatemala and highlight its incredible biodiversity.