Earthmind’s mission is caring our planet. Through our Verified Conservation Areas Programme, we recognize and encourage conservation in the areas where people live and work. Through our work on the wildlife economy and the blue economy, we identify and promote the positive nexus between terrestrial and marine conservation and economic development. Though our engagement with business, we assist commercial projects and project financing to deliver a positive impact on nature conservation. By joining ConservationNOW, Earthmind hopes to build new relationships, gain new insights, and share our knowledge and experience to make a positive difference for nature.

Mangroves can absorb up to four times more carbon dioxide by area than upland terrestrial forests but are being lost at an alarming rate.

Discover how to reduce drivers of mangrove loss @IUCN_Forests
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Seagrasses, mangrove forests & coastal wetlands store vast amounts of carbon, and their preservation holds the potential to bank CO2 and keep it out of the atmosphere. But can the blue carbon market avoid the pitfalls that have plagued land-based programs?

Sad to hear of the passing of Richard Leakey, Kenyan paleoanthropologist and conservationist. Leakey mobilised the international community to address the poaching scourge and associated trade while head of the Kenya Wildlife Service. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. Earthmind photo