CoalitionWILD is connecting and equipping emerging young leaders to tackle our planet’s greatest conservation challenges.

Young people are on the front lines of environmental conflict and we are propelling them to their full potential to solve these problems and generate real change. The single most important truth of our time is that we can save nature and change the trajectory of our planet’s future – and we envision a world where people and nature thrive together because of youth-driven change.

We look forward to connecting and collaborating with a wider network of individuals and organizations in order to continue to raise the voice of emerging generations and to develop opportunities to bring more youth and young people to the forefront of environmental solutions. 

"I strongly believe one of the biggest differences that the #GBF can make for biodiversity is to send a clear message to the world: that to address biodiversity loss, we must ensure justice and address inequalities," writes Josefa Cariño Tauli. 🇵🇭

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Last June 5, we celebrated World Environment Day. 🌏 How did young people around the world celebrate it? Check this out to learn about the various creative ways the youth inspire action at every level. We have #OnlyOneEarth. Let's continue to work towards protecting it. 🍃 CoalitionWILD photo
June 8 is #WorldOceansDay! 🌊
Today, we honor our oceans—the heart of the planet. However, we also keep in mind that we are responsible for ocean conservation not just today, but every day.
Protect our oceans. Protect our future.
Happy World Oceans Day! 🐠