Celebica is a non-governmental organization engaged in conservation and biodiversity action. Our vision is to be a community that actively maintains and protects biodiversity in the Wallacea Region, Indonesia. Our vision fits the Conservation Optimism vision as Conservation Optimism is a global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature. With the motto “the guardian of biodiversity”, our NGO also carries out activities to protect biodiversity, nature and ecosystems from the threat of extinction and environmental damage.

Our programs are in situ conservation, ex situ conservation, research on biodiversity and empowering people through specific campaigns. We use social media such as Instagram and Facebook to campaign for endangered species in Indonesia. We also campaign about the importance of protecting the environment and biodiversity habitat in Indonesia.

We believe that the issues of conservation, nature and the environment must involve many people. The more people and institutions that collaborate, the better the results are gained. Therefore, we want to join Conservation Optimism to engage with other organisations who are engaged in the same action. We hope that we can learn many things, such as empowering people to save nature, campaigning through social media and building channels to get maximum impact.