Association Anoulak (conservation in Lao language) is a French-registered association (since 2014) dedicated to the long-term conservation and study of wildlife in their natural habitats in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR or Laos), in particular in the Nakai-Nam Theun National Park.

Association Anoulak implements activities on:
• Biodiversity research and monitoring for conservation – To understand the distribution, monitor wildlife populations and to increase our knowledge on in-situ species ecology of the threatened and endemic species in the Annamite Mountains which will inform conservation management.
• Community anti-poaching patrols – To reduce illegal poaching of species in the wild allow their populations to remain stable or recover from unsustainable hunting.
• Conservation awareness – To raise a sensibility towards nature and biodiversity in Laos for both the local and the international community
• Community sustainable livelihoods – To provide alternative and sustainable livelihoods and income to local communities to reduce their reliance on natural resources
• Capacity building – All our programs includes training of Lao nationals and local communities to inspire and train the new generation of Lao conservationists and biologists and ensure the sustainability of and sense of ownership to all our projects at the national level

Our mission is to develop and implement innovative, multidisciplinary and sustainable approaches to the long-term conservation and study of the biodiversity and ecosystems in Nakai-Nam Theun National Park in Laos, and to support the local community for their sustainable livelihoods living in harmony with nature, with a skilled, passionate and dedicated team of nationals and internationals.

Optimism is one of our values. ‘Never give up’, ‘Do your best’ are some of our mottos. We thrive to inspire and find inspiration through creativity, art and partnerships. We believe that conservation will be a success if we work at the small scale involving all local actors and partner with kindred spirits. Everyone of us is a little hummingbird; all together hummingbirds around the world can make a difference overall, but our stories must be shared and we need to support each other in our missions. This is what we hope to gain from this community: light from moments of darkness and sharing our light and optimism with others.

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