Asociación Mujeres y Conservación (AMC) is a brand new initiative created to empower, support, and highlight women working in conservation in Latin America. Our work is meaningful, our science is strong, and it’s time to come together, support each other, and to get under the spotlight. By creating community, providing feedback and opportunities, and celebrating our competencies we aim to connect to support each other.

Through strategies like local workshops and our AMC Professional Development Fund, we aim to provide women with the tools and skills they need to successfully achieve their conservation goals. By creating an open and lighthearted space for networking, connection, and feedback, we lift ourselves up and rise above the ever present doom and gloom of our conservation work. We strive to share with the world the real faces and real stories of women conservationists in Latina America.

The ConservationNOW network provides us with the exceptional opportunity to leverage our efforts and be able reach out to an even larger conservation community around the globe. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from current and new network members and to join efforts for a healthy and happy conservation community. Because there is always optimism and hope in community.