A Rocha International coordinates a network of 22 like-minded A Rocha Organizations around the world, each demonstrating that practical conservation is a normal part of the Christian faith. These ‘signpost projects’ aim to inspire people of any faith and none about what is possible when we work together for the good of the planet, its creatures and human communities. Working with and through communities, our projects on the ground are protecting wildlife and restoring habitats, offering stories of hope to some of the massive challenges that face nature and people alike.

Cooperation is always a key part of A Rocha’s work. So, just as we seek to work in partnership at a local level, we also hope to tell the conservation story better through ConservationNOW – to communicate more effectively internationally and through social media tools.

The Church has been described as the world’s largest NGO and is one of our key audiences. Our vision is to wake it up to its responsibility and the Biblical mandate for nature conservation. We think joining with others and helping to spread good conservation news will help in that task, and fits with our strapline of ‘Conservation and hope’. The bringing of hope is a vital part of A Rocha’s mission, as it’s deeply rooted in our Christian identity. If conservationists are to inspire hope for the earth and the kind of blood, sweat and tears that make a difference, we need loving and hopeful songs and stories too.

"As I scrolled through the Facebook updates from my friends in #Texas, I heaved a deep sigh of frustration and lament. Again!? How could a thousand-year rain event happen every other year? Something was amiss."

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Incredible images from @arochakenya surveying #marine life in Watamu Marine National Park #Kenya.

Read more about the highlights from their recent survey: https://t.co/hU9FeaDlKq

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Atewa Forest in Ghana has been found to meet the designation criteria of the Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE). This is big news for the fight to save Atewa from bauxite mining and is thanks to a very special frog… THREAD https://t.co/zTR7jlC1Nx arochaint photo