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I am a conservationist with diverse experience in research design, data collection, analysis, policy advocacy and program management including monitoring and evaluation. Currently, I am leading Greenhood Nepal, at the same time I work as an affiliated researcher with the Lancaster Environment Centre, Tropical Environmental Change and Policy Lab and Biodiversity Fellow at the University of Oxford. I hold MSc. in Environmental Management from Pokhara University and wrote my dissertation on ‘Assessing illegal wildlife trade in Araniko-trail, Nepal’. Currently, I am leading a non-profit organization called Greenhood Nepal that works on thematic areas like Conservation Science and Species, Climate Change, Education and Awareness, Disaster Risk Management and other environmental issues in Nepal. I am actively involved with Nepal's conservation community, where I work to curb illegal wildlife trade and to scale-up pangolin conservation efforts.
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Learn about how young people in Nepal are becoming some of the strongest advocates for conservation.

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