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Anna is an ethnobiologist-ecologist, assistant research fellow of the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research Group at the Centre for Ecological Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, PhD candidate at the University Pécs, and leader of the Hungarian Association for Land and People NGO. She was a board member of the International Society of Ethnobiology between 2012 and 2014 as a student representative. She researches landscape history, ethnobiology, vegetation and innovations of the silvopastoral systems in the Carpathian Basin. She is also interested in weaving traditional knowledge into education and the role of gastronomy in nature conservation. She was one of the speaker at the A New Generation of Environmental Leaders Embrace Whole Earth Conservation’, hosted by the Global Environments Network (GEN) in London Summit, 2017. She presented on how the growing gastronomy and ‘food-ism’ culture in Hungary is contributing to the maintenance and conservation of wood pastures (one of the most threatened biocultural hotspots of Europe).
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Sharing the most momentous parts of the Conservation Optimism Summit 2017.

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At first glance, the suggestion may seem rather improbable, sensationalist, and unscientific to the reader.

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