Ghana possesses beautiful tropical rainforests, savannahs, numerous coastal wetlands and an astonishing variety of species, with some being endemic. Ghana is also endowed with a huge quantity of mineral resources like gold, bauxite and manganese.  

Illegal mining for these resources has become a primary threat to the future of nature and biodiversity in Ghana. A great portion of Ramsar sites, forests, nature reserves, and some water bodies have been overexploited. Some efforts have been made by the government as well as conservationists to curb this issue.  However, locally, there still remains hesitancy to give up the act and help save nature.

In Ghana, conservation is not given much importance locally. Also, some people, who actively contribute to conservation, lack the avenue to tell their stories and motivate others to act for nature. In the midst of overwhelming challenges, it is imperative that we inspire as many people as possible to act for nature.

At the Ghana Hub, we are bridging the gap between the people and conservation. We hope to amplify the voices of budding and professional conservationists and tell their stories to inspire others to act for nature. We want to actively engage with civil society organisations and other conservation groups to increase awareness and appreciation of conservation among the youth in Ghana. The future of our planet is in our hands, and it is in our interest to empower people to rise and act for the good of our planet. 

Let’s hear from the CO Ghana Hub Members!

Stanley Boateng – Hub Manager: 

My name is Stanley, and I have a background in Wildlife Ecology and Natural Resources Management. I most recently worked at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana as a junior research scientist. I’m particularly passionate about wildlife and ecosystem conservation. I feel so honoured to be a part of Conservation Optimism, empowering others to rise and act for nature.

Obeng Poku – Editor & Graphic Designer: 

Hello, I’m Obeng Amankwah Poku, a Graphic Designer with a background in Accounting. I’m mostly interested and enthusiastic about arts, any voluntary work related to the environment, and arts, and I love nature.

Benedicta Sarpong – Social Media Curator:

My name is Benedicta Yaa Pokuaa Sarpong. I have studied Natural Resources Management, with a specialisation in Wildlife and Range Management.  I am optimistic and enthusiastic about nature and its related issues. I enjoy being a conservationist, and I am currently the Social Media Curator for the Ghana hub. I am happy to be a part of this bigger picture for conservation.

Solomon Dickson –  Creative Communications Head:

I’m Solomon Dickson, 23 years of age and born in Ghana, West Africa. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with Marketing as my major. I love to play soccer and follow a lot of current affairs via multiple streams. I’m very passionate about our environment and how we can adopt best practices in order to protect it for us and generations to come. I am currently the Creative Communications Head of the Ghana Hub. Very excited to embark on this journey.

Patricia Quayson – Hub Coordinator: 

Hi, my name is Patricia Quayson Saku, with a background in Natural Resource Management. I’m passionate about nature and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in the environmental space. I’m the Hub Coordinator for CO Ghana Hub. I’m excited to see where my career in conservation takes me, and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.


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