Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! We are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of weekly motivation.

1. Six new nature reserves planned across Oman

” H E Abdullah bin Ali al Amri, chairman of EA, said, “The authority has prepared a plan to register six new nature reserves in Oman. The sites will be subject to evaluation by the concerned authorities before any announcement.”  ”

2. Elusive and rare leopard — considered extinct for 45 years — caught on film in Turkey

” Trail cameras in the mountains of Turkey captured a rare sighting of a leopard species previously considered extinct for decades, officials said. The Anatolian leopard was filmed prowling around the mountains in two separate regions, Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said  “

3. Biden protects vast wilderness area in Minnesota from mining in the USA

” The Biden administration is banning mining for 20 years in a giant watershed near Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the president’s latest effort to deliver on conservation pledges that would shape the future of America’s wild lands. ”

4. First wild kiwi egg laid in Wellington in over a century

” “That is our first wild kiwi egg on those hills in a very long time. For the team and for the hundreds of landowners, the locals, and the iwi mana whenua who have supported this project it’s some pretty sweet news for the new year.””

5. Reciprocal Water Agreements protect millions of hectares of Bolivian forest

” In return for committing to protect their water producing forests, farming families living in upper watersheds receive incentives to help them develop sustainable production initiatives and to connect their homes to drinking water.

6. Conservation of one of the rarest birds is working in Cambodia

” In 2022, for the fourth year in a row, the census counts show higher numbers.  This result is very encouraging suggesting the conservation measures, or better counting in some areas may account for the higher total.”

7. 8 ocean-saving moments from 2022

” As a new year begins, we’re reflecting on how the Marine Conservation Society, its members and supporters helped protect our ocean in 2022. ”

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