Jack Cole

About Jack Cole

Jack Cole is the Project and Fundraising Coordinator (and podcast host) for Restore Our Planet. He has a background in policy and journalism and spent over five years in Latin America. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the illegal gold-mining trade in the Peruvian Amazon. He now produces media content and supports the funding and promotion of a variety of projects across the UK and overseas. He loves eccentric people and the stories of adventure they have to share. Restore Our Planet was founded in 2001 (as Restore UK) to focus on local conservation issues such as habitat protection for species such as voles, amphibians and butterflies but has since expanded. They have supported over 100 organisations. Two of their initiatives are Trillion Trees and Restore Species. These partnerships include organisations such as WWF, WCS and Fauna & Flora International. They are also currently focusing on UK wilding issues for both habitat protection and species reintroductions such as harvest mice, pine marten, bison and turtledoves.