It’s ‘Women and Girls in Science Day’ on Friday the 11th of February, and this blog brings to you our 10 Good Natured podcast episodes featuring 10 inspiring women in science. From a climate psychologist, to a marine diver, to an artist fighting against the wildlife trade, and from the jungles of Nigeria, to the reefs of the Philippines and across the Serengeti, listen to the stories of these incredible female scientists!

The full set of podcast episodes is available here, along with the full transcripts!

Caroline Hickman

An inspiring and motivational psychotherapist who shares how to find hope and passion within the hopelessness of climate and eco-anxiety.

Megan Cromp

Explore how a fiercely motivated wildlife biologist turned app CEO connects conservationists from across the world with empowered supporters that can offer skills and funds to enable their important work.

Purnima Devi Barman

The winner of the prestigious Whitley Awards in 2017 for her conservation movement protecting the greater adjutant stork. A conservation biologist raising awareness, educating communities and empowering local people.

Jessie Panazzolo

The founder of Lonely Conservationists, an empowering online platform with the aim to save those who are saving the world. Supporting conservationists who are encouraged to share their stories and connect with others.

Meredith Palmer

An ecologist working in the Serengeti, Meredith empowers citizens to get involved in identifying wildlife from camera trap images to aid in the conservation of species. Her ‘Snapshot’ project enables the public to help conservation projects across Africa by classifying species and identifying behaviours in thousands of camera trap images.

Angelique Songco

The superintendent of the Marine Protected Area and UNESCO World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reefs National Park, Angelique is a talented and dedicated marine biologist working to conserve this beautifully diverse area of the Philippines through education and awareness, working with the government and local communities to conserve the reefs.

Sarah Lil Middleton

A PhD student and plant ecologist dedicated to inclusion and equality in science, researching the incredible diversity of grass species and heading an experiment to simulate a future drought expected in the UK. She works tirelessly to raise awareness of inclusion in science, having set up the Black British Biology project to highlight the amazing historical contributions of black Britons to biological science.

Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh

The Whitley Award winner in 2020, Rachel works with chimpanzee populations in Nigeria. From a background without any nature experiences, Rachel is now one of the biggest advocates for chimpanzees in the world, working with communities and governments to protect their habitat.

Sofiya Shukhova

A talented artist and conservationist fighting against the illegal wildlife trade in Singapore. Her inspiring artwork and awareness campaigns thread creativity with important conservation messages.

Miriam Supuma

The co-founder of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research, Miriam has been researching traditional uses of wildlife and trade in local communities. An advocate for local communities and sustainable use of wildlife in cultures, Miriam is an inspiration for balancing conservation with local knowledge and tradition.

Did you know, the Good Natured has been featured in the Feedspot list of Best 35 Conservation Podcasts!

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