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This page showcases videos featuring talks given by Conservation Optimism’s India Hub team members.

Tales of Togetherness Episode 5 with Svabhu Kohli

Tales of Togetherness Episode 4 with Ganesh Chowdhury and Imran Samad

Ganesh, a grass-root conservationist, and Imran, a wildlife researcher, share their perspectives on their journey to conserve the elusive Gangetic river dolphin.

Tales of Togetherness Episode 3 with Gerry Martin

Gerry Martin shares stories of his work on snake ecology and behaviour in human-dominated landscapes and human-snake conflict management.

Tales of Togetherness Episode 2 with Rhea Lopez

Rhea Lopez talks about the Khazans, a unique fisheries system in Goa, and their interactions with animals like crocodiles and otters.

Tales of Togetherness Episode 1 with Deepshikha Sharma & Munib Khanyari

Deepshikha speaks about optimism and coexistence in her work alongside communities to conserve snow leopard habitats in the Trans-Himalayan landscapes of India.

Snow Leopard Network – Module 10: Conservation Communication – Munib Khanyari

In Session 4 of Module 10, you will get practical tips from the Conservation Optimism team on how to craft your messages using a solutions lens!

They will take you on a deep dive into their Positive Communication Toolkit and will help you identify and avoid the most common communication traps so that you develop solutions-based content in a range of formats.

You can find the other sessions of this module here

Climate Crisis Reporting in India – A Panel Discussion – Marishia Rodrigues

The panel discussion, hosted by co-founders of INKLINE, Nikhil Sreekandan, and Aisiri Amin, will be centred on the need and relevance of widespread climate reporting in India and how a solutions angle can change the way climate crisis is reported, how climate activism brings in the much-needed accountability in this matter, the importance of investing in in-depth, investigative climate reporting in Indian newsrooms and the challenges reporters are facing.

Panellists: Archana Soreng – Climate Activist. Member of UN Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change Harini Nagendra – Professor of Sustainability at Azim Premji University, Lead Author on the IPCC AR5 Marishia Rodrigues – Hub Manager, Conservation Optimism – India Rishika Pardikar – Independent Wildlife & Climate Change Journalist Sahana Ghosh – Contributing Editor at Mongabay India, Solutions Journalism LEDE Fellow 2019

With the panel hosting such diverse voices representing the different sectors addressing the climate crisis in India, we are really looking forward to the discussion and what it can contribute to the current framework of climate reporting in India.

A roundtable with Conservation Optimism at Communicate 2020 – Trisha Gupta

Wild nature and species have declined by 70% over the last 50 years, so what do we have to feel optimistic about? Join this roundtable to find out what optimism means to the Conservation Optimism team, how they are using their optimism as a powerful tool to reframe the conservation narrative and how we can all put it into action and empower others to act for nature.

Communicate is an annual environmental communication conference bringing together a diverse group of delegates each year to develop their skills, share best practice and debate latest issues in science communication, nature conservation and engaging people with the natural world. Find out more about Communicate at

Realigning ourselves with nature – Munib Khanyari

“Realigned Ourselves with Nature” was a session by Munib Khanyari, Conservation Optimism India Hub Coordinator. This session was conducted as part of the ENWENAR (ENvironment WEb SemiNAR) Series organized by Kottayam Nature Society and Alappuzha Natural History Society.