Humans of Conservation is a segment that captures the moments of joy and sorrow, hardships and successes and overall experiences in our world of conservation.

Working with the environment and nature conservation can be a challenging and interesting experience, and each one of us has a unique yet ironically universal story waiting to be shared. Your story can inspire someone, build connections to like-minded people in similar situations, or just bring a smile to someone’s face. Are you ready to share your story? Here are some pointers to give you some ideas!

  1. What is your conservation philosophy?
  2. Have you faced a mishap? If so, how did you dealt with it?
  3. Do you have any enchanting field tales?
  4. What drives your passion for this field?
  5. What is your most memorable conservation moment?
  6. What is your conservation “silver lining”?
  7. Why are you a conservationist?

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Photo: Ganesh Chowdhury