At Wildlifetek, we are passionate about helping humans to help wildlife by improving their knowledge and skills. We do this through our various courses and workshops, consulting and support services, and via our free resources and community.

As technology advances and becomes increasingly accessible, the use of these devices for wildlife applications expands, and we are able to research and record wildlife in-situ using methods that are less invasive, more environmentally-friendly and more accurate. All hugely important factors when you consider the current rate of biodiversity loss.

Wildlifetek is made up of a small team of individuals, with expertise spanning the fields of ecology, wildlife photography, research, rescue and rehabilitation (to name a few!) that would love to widen our network of like-minded conservationists who are looking to better their wildlife work through the use of technology.
Our founder, Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, has been using technology for wildlife applications for over 17 years. A Level 2 Thermographer, Kayleigh is a leader in her field, training groups from all around the world on the use of thermal imaging technology. Kayleigh published the Thermal Imaging Bat Survey Guidelines in 2019 in association with the Bat Conservation Trust, and is working on her book Thermal Imaging for Wildlife, due to be published later this year.

Having followed the work and social posts from Conservation Optimism for several years, we feel that our passion for protecting wildlife, promoting sustainability and the potential of technology within the field of conservation – as well as supporting the people who carry out this vital work – strongly align.

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