Thicket Tales sets up nature clubs for schools that capacitate children to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects. Our programs are curriculum integrated and child centric programmes promote science and social studies literacy through loads of social interaction, activities and projects. Children actually connect the learning and explorations to their subjects of science and social studies.
We also host day-outs for families to bond, learn, explore as a team through nature.
we believe the first step towards conservation starts with having many conversations with friends, cousins and aunts not much different than discussing favourite movies or books. And these conversations have to start early, with the young. So learning academics and creating beautiful family memories from nature would be the perfect first step in the journey of conservation.

In being a part of Conservation Optimism, a platform that acts as cushion for many organisations working with same goals of promoting conservation optimistically. It is a remarkable opportunity for us to network with people, initiatives and organisation working for same cause. As we are in nature based education sector, we create lots of place – based educational modules, it would be helpful to get insights from fellow organisations on field experiences, conservation techniques.