Sumatran Orangutan Society works to address the complex threats facing Sumatran orangutans and the forests they inhabit. Sometimes, the stories and images we receive from our partners in Sumatra are harrowing – anyone who follows any orangutan conservation project will have seen images of orangutans struggling for survival or patches of bare land where forests used to be. We know that focusing on this narrative can make people feel hopeless – and if we allow that to happen, how will people continue to fight for the natural world? Conservation is complicated and challenging, but we firmly believe that there IS still hope and that everyone can make a difference.

We see reasons for conservation optimism every day from the dedicated people working to protect and restore forests, support the people living around the forests, and keep Sumatran orangutans and other wildlife safe. There are good news stories to share from Sumatra on a regular basis, and we love being in the position to share them with a large online audience who respond with hope, gratitude and a determination to contribute in some way to the tide of positive change.

We want to partner with ConservationNOW to amplify positive conservation messages even further. Not only will the ConservationNOW platform help us reach greater numbers of people, but being part of a network of like-minded organisations and individuals will keep us informed of all the other reasons for hope, and remind us of the importance of sharing the conservation optimism message.

A woman is standing in front of a nursery full of plants and is holding a seedling in her hands.

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Did you know that #goats and #ducks can help with #orangutan conservation? Find out how our partner Nature For Change is making this work on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park.
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Did you know that play is important for #orangutans, just as it is for human #children? It can help them develop cognitive and motor skills, and also reinforces their bond with their mother.

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