Song & Dance Communications is my professional alter ego, but my clients, friends and family call me Hannah. I’m a Wildlife Biologist and Communications Specialist, using my expertise to empower organisations who are striving to save our natural world. My unique background in both conservation and digital marketing has given me a specialised skill set that makes me particularly great at promoting the work of sustainability, environmental and wildlife-centric projects and outdoorsy organisations.

Not only do I know the value of the work my clients do, but I share their passion and understand how vital it is that they succeed. Nature needs a voice, and I do my best to give it the most inspiring, powerful and dynamic one possible. Kind of like Sir David mixed with Morgan Freeman.

I am joining the Conservation Optimism community to connect with like-minded professionals and be inspired by the amazing work that they are doing all around the world.

A woman is standing on the side of the frame and a whale is in the background.

Our Founder @HannahMulvany talks #invasivespecies with @PredatorFreeNZ Director Jessi Morgan and hears all about how this ambitious project will boost populations of many of #NewZealands vulnerable #nativespecies back from the brink of #extinction.

A study by the #UniversityofPennsylvania showed that men & women see caring about the #environment as ‘ #feminine.’ This is because, rather than reinforcing the #toxicmasculinity traits of dominance/competition, #environmentalism is nurturing/cooperative.

Listening to a #podcast with two very #inspiring young #female #environmentalactivists talking about how #plastic was banned in #Bali, #Indonesia and how creating more #youngactivists can change the world! Great to hear these voices and views from the younger generation!