Since the inception of our holistic conservation programme, Selamatkan Yaki, to reduce the threats to the Critically Endangered Sulawesi crested black macaques in 2007, our working ethic has embodied that of positive and optimistic conservation. While realistic and acutely aware of the depth of the challenges presented in our line of work, the positivity which has been woven into the tapestry of our working environment and connections fuels our small local team of dedicated practitioners based in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We are motivated by the outcomes realised through strategically engaging in meaningful relationships with local communities.

We have seen real change and are driven by the increasing hope that the yaki and other sympatric species have a bright future in the region. The ConservationNOW ethos resonates deeply with all that we stand for, and we hope to synergise our zestful energy to apply our innovative and strategic approaches to help rejuvenate the conservation world both here in Indonesia and beyond.

Selamat memulai hari Senin, Yaki Friends 💚 SelamatkanYaki photo

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Did you know Yaki are called the guardian of the forest? Yaki have such an important role in ecosystem. Yaki eat more than 145 plant species and by spending most of their time foraging, feeding and moving, they disperse the seeds that really help the forest to grow. #YakiFact SelamatkanYaki photo

Penyu sudah terbukti memiliki peran penting dalam ekosistem laut misalnya pemeliharaan habitat padang lamun dan terumbu karang dengan cara berbeda oleh tiap jenis penyu.