Reserva: The Youth Land Trust empowers young people to make a measurable difference for threatened species and habitats through conservation, education, and storytelling. We believe that young people, if given the platform, can save the world. Our whole ethos is centred on solutions and on actionable optimism.
That’s why Reserva would love to join this alliance: to continue our mission, build relationships with other like-minded projects and organisations, and collaborate on our shared goals.

We have recently completed our flagship project: the creation of the world’s first entirely youth-funded nature reserve. This reserve can be found in the incredibly biodiverse Choco cloud forests of Ecuador. We want to share this news with other optimistic organisations to motivate others. As we continue this project and begin others, we feel that Reserva would benefit from the lessons of other like-minded organisations as we build our narratives. We aim for any relationships to be truly mutualistic and equal, something we feel this platform allows.

Through our campaigns and fundraisers, we aim to prove that young people can contribute to conservation TODAY.

In the words of Youth Director, Lucy Houliston: “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of the threats that currently face life on our planet, but I firmly believe that with enough passion, dedication, and cooperation, we really can make a difference.”

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