Re-Peat is a youth-led collective pushing for a paradigm shift in the way that peatlands are perceived and treated by society. We aim to achieve this through three primary avenues: education, collaboration and a process of re-imagining.

Peatlands are extraordinary places, enchanting in their simultaneous expansiveness and intimacy and providing a staggering array of ecosystem services – including being the largest terrestrial carbon store. Yet they have been and continue to be mistreated. We believe this is because they are widely regarded as a ‘wasteland’ place, often perceived either neutrally or negatively and therefore implicitly deemed fair game for conversion.

We seek to raise awareness about the value of peatlands through interdisciplinary educational events and programmes, as well as strengthening and supporting the work of groups globally who are fighting to protect and restore peatlands.

Underlying all this is a practice of re-imagining peatlands, and by extension the whole of the natural world, as places of health and regenerative potential. We embrace the radical hope of young people, making our shared re-imagination inherently optimistic and driving us to catalyse such a future.

The global nature of ConservationNOW will allow us to broaden our reach and get our message to more people. It’s vital for people working in different spheres of conservation to support each other’s work and learn from each other, and we are excited by the opportunity to do this more through ConservationNOW.

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