PROGRES Sulawesi aims to inspire and establish community-led conservation programs for Sulawesi neglected yet threatened species. The objectives of our organization are 1) empowering and enhancing the capacity of the local community to lead conservation programs in their own areas, 2) protecting the conservation of Sulawesi neglected yet threatened species, 3) advocating the importance of conservation of Sulawesi neglected yet threatened species, 4) supporting the integration of conservation programs to village development initiatives. It was established in January 2018, but just formally legalized on October 25, 2019. The geographical area of the project is in Sulawesi, currently focusing on Central Sulawesi, with target species is the Sulawesi endemic and endangered Forsten’s tortoise (Indotestudo forstenii) and Sulawesi flying fox (Acerodon celebensis). We are optimistic about locally-driven initiatives and how empowering community is key to sustainability of conservation programs and its long term impact. Working with overlooked yet threatened species is challenging because they are not as charismatic as other species and distribute mostly outside conservation areas. Only with the spirit of optimism, passion, and hope, we are able to address the challenges and keen to be an example of bottom-up approach in conservation. Our spirit aligns with Conservation Optimism and we look forward to be connected with the networks to gain lesson learned on other conservation success stories, in which provide us with useful information to improve ours in consideration to the local context. And notably, conservation issues are often depressing, and to learn that we are not alone in this ‘fight’ is encouraging. Likewise, we are eager to share our perspectives and stories as well.