#PledgeForOurFuture is a platform where people from all over the world can register their commitments to a sustainable future. We also hope, like Conservation Optimism, to inspire people by sharing tips, ideas and lessons learned.

Humanity’s relationship with nature has become increasingly unsustainable, as evidenced by the COVID pandemic and recent devastating fires and floods. We need to reset our relationship with nature so we can build a world in which both people and nature can thrive.

To do this we need to come together across the world, regardless of our backgrounds and circumstances, as fellow humans who share the same planet. We need to take action as individuals, groups and communities, and raise our voices so that those in power hear us and change the policies.

We believe that if enough of us come together and raise our voices, we can show decision-makers that change must come. Together with other similar initiatives, we hope that #PledgeForOurFuture can build an unstoppable momentum towards creating a planet that works for both nature and people.

Being a member of ConservationNOW provides us with the opportunity to be connected to a large conservation community around the globe. We are excited to learn from other members and keen to join efforts in building a better future together.

Looking forward to giving a talk about the Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy, aka #4steps4theEarth, on Thursday in @NOAA seminar series! Anyone is welcome, just register here: https://t.co/Hp21nAXWea
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Sir David is urging us all to make new year resolutions which will help our planet heal. What will you #Pledgeforourfuture

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