Oxford University Nature Conservation Society (OUNCS) is a student-led society that aims to connect conservation enthusiasts across the university by providing a platform to share future conservation solutions and to learn about current conservation issues. We also host talks by distinguished professionals on current and contentious conservation issues and have plans for future collaborations with other Oxford environmental societies and institutions.

Our work aims to increase awareness of nature conservation work, to diversify how we share conservation messages and to encourage people to actually enjoy engaging with nature on a regular basis. By joining ConservationNOW, we hope to expand our network beyond Oxford and to also learn more about how different organisations are weaving optimism into their attitudes towards conservation issues/efforts.

While the media generally reports conservation issues with a negative spin, we are excited to hear about more conservation work depicted positively and with hope for future action. By transforming the way we share content with the OUNCS community, we hope to bring nature lovers together to discuss how we might impact the future of conservation, share conservation success stories and create an atmosphere that fosters an appreciation of and active engagement with biodiversity.

Very interesting #plankton sampling with @ConSoc_Ox during the annual #bioblitz 🌱! Last year we recorded many #daphnia, but this year #zooplankton was dominated by the #claroceran #chydorus and #copepods! 🤔..we found some beautiful #volvox too! https://t.co/2PPlw70Kd2 ConSoc_Ox photo
We had a great time at our 2nd annual BioBlitz on Tuesday @TrapGrounds. We're collating all our records for a final species count and have hopefully beat last year's records of 230 species! Some highlights included a water scorpion, a sparrowhawk and lots of slow worms! https://t.co/azSPjFEzke ConSoc_Ox photo