Ocean Optimism is a collaborative marine conservation movement. We focus on solutions rather than problems, and on connections rather than differences. We recognise and respect the many challenges facing our oceans, yet too often “doom and gloom” stories are the only kind of ocean news we hear. The mission of Ocean Optimism is to create a new narrative of hope for our oceans, and in doing so to help us move towards a sustainable future for our seas. We will do this by forging connections between diverse individuals and organisations, to facilitate innovative marine projects and encourage collaboration between change-makers. We aim to support young scientists in moving beyond documenting decline, and towards celebrating success. And we aim to motivate individuals and communities to take action to safeguard our oceans. Since it’s inception in 2014, the hashtag, #OceanOptimism, has reached over 74 million Twitter users and become mainstream in oceans-related social media, inspiring an international outpouring of marine conservation success stories.

We would love to use the networking power of ConservationNOW to reach even more marine conservation professionals and enthusiasts, in order to maximise the chance of successful interventions and strategies being shared and replicated, and to further encourage a positive and solutions-focused narrative about our oceans.

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