The North American Youth Parliament for Water is a transnational chapter of the World Youth Parliament for Water based in the United States and Canada. We aim to connect youth interested in water conservation, policy, and research with networking opportunities and education programming. As an organization, our goals align with ConservationNOW as we seek to raise awareness of conservation specifically within the water space. We embrace the conservation optimism vision directly through engaging with groups which are arguably the future of conservation: youth and young professionals. Through engaging and supporting youth voices in the water conservation space, we provide networking opportunities, and develop programming through our own initiatives which include but are not limited to working with educational institutions, environmental organizations, and indigenous groups. We hope to gain networking opportunities through ConservationNOW, and to potentially gain members from the ConservationNOW network for our own organization who are interested in water conservation and youth voices. The future of conservation heavily relies on youth, and we strongly believe we can make an impact within the conservation space in North America and globally, as we have had diverse global participation in our events. We look forward to the opportunity to be considered as a member of ConservationNOW, and the opportunities it may provide for both our organization and the ConservationNOW network of organizations.