Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) was established in 1956 in Hong Kong, Our mission is to harmonise our relationship with the environment, and we play an active role in promoting nature conservation and sustainability in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Laos and Cambodia through fauna and flora conservation, wildlife rescue, nature education and sustainable agriculture. We aim to continuously bring hope, happiness and improvement by working together with the public, government, academia, NGOs and businesses to help protect our common future.

KFBG has long been one of the leading forces in saving the Hainan gibbon, the world’s rarest primate. After implementing a series of in-situ conservation actions, conducting scientific research, and organising outreach activities to bridge various stakeholders, the gibbon population has increased to over 30 individuals in five groups in 2020 for the first time since the 1980s. Apart from the Hainan gibbon, we are also working to save many other endangered but neglected species (e.g. Eld’s deer, river tern, Gaoligong gibbon) and precious yet fragile ecosystems like limestone forest.

To address important conservation needs in Hong Kong and the region, a Wild Animal Rescue Centre was developed along with projects focussed on endangered species conservation too. A key species conservation project aims to prevent the extinction of an iconic native species of turtle, the golden coin turtle. Besides, we support the HKSAR Government’s efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade of threatened animals and plants, including pangolins, shark fins, Agarwood and orchids.

In addition to the fauna conservation, KFBG conserves rare plants in the wild, cultivates native diversity and restores native forest. Our flagship project is a large-scale, systematic forest restoration project on our hillside. Over just eight years of informed growing and planting practices, a young secondary forest comprising exceptionally high diversity of native trees has emerged. On top of that, we run species conservation and reintroduction projects for rare native plants within Hong Kong and across the wider Indo-Burma region. We believe high functioning forest ecosystems call for the return of our native wildlife companions.

We also offer a wide range of nature education programmes which give people the chance to reconnect and develop a relationship with nature. Our Live education exhibits feature rescued native and exotic animal species unable to return to the wild, but with an important role to raise awareness among visitors and promote connections with nature. Ultimately, these programmes help to enhance people’s awareness of their role in nature and encourage a sustainable life in harmony with the environment.

By joining ConservationNOW, we would like to share stories of our work to a wider global audience in the hope that we can inspire more people to make a positive change for nature.