Heal is a new charity raising money to buy land for rewilding in the English lowlands. Our name is our purpose: heal the land, heal nature, heal ourselves, not for profit but for wild things and all of us.

We are raising £7m for our foundation project: Heal South. This first site will be in 500+ acres of a southern English county, within reach of large urban populations. It will provide the blueprint for successive sites as Heal’s funding grows.

We are excited to be part of ConservationNOW because we too are choosing to face the future with hope. Rewilding is optimism in action: it is working hard, together, now, to reverse ecological damage and revitalise the land for future generations.

England is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and our sites will give entire ecosystems the chance to function freely and fully again. This naturally regenerating space will sequester carbon, prevent flooding and boost biodiversity and buildings will be converted to learning centres so that while nature recovers, we can educate and inspire. Heal will also facilitate eco-tourism that promotes well-being and strengthens local economies. This method of land management has the potential to improve life for every element of nature, including humans. All we have to do is unleash it.

We are dedicated to doing so in collaboration with individuals and companies who share our vision. With nearly 100 volunteers already working together within a month of the charity’s launch, Heal is giving a greater diversity of people the chance to contribute. Yes, we need funding, but we also know that people’s contributions of time, knowledge and creativity all make a positive difference and represent action to help nature and combat climate change.

We are delighted to be part of ConservationNOW’s network and are certain it will lead to exciting connections and progress for our precious planet.

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