Global Conservation Solutions (GCS) was created as a vehicle to improve the practice of conservation. To do so, GCS provides a suite of coaching and facilitation services that help teams build trust, develop a shared understanding of the complex ecological and socio-economic contexts in which they work, and to leverage this trust and understanding to design and execute efficient and effective conservation strategies. GCS is very much a solutions-focused organization, which we strive to make evident both in our work, as well as through our social media presence. Our aim is to empower people to take action by illustrating that solutions exist and are accessible.

We want to join ConservationNOW to connect with like-minded people and organizations, as well as to contribute to the larger movement toward collaboration and inclusivity in conservation. We hope that through the ConservationNOW network, not only will there be opportunities to learn of new and innovative solutions that can be shared with our clients and partners, but also that partnership opportunities between members may arise.

Additionally, through the various projects that GCS has been involved in, we have come to realize that, while most conservationists believe that the goals of better collaboration and inclusivity are important in theory, many struggle with the pragmatic realities of attaining these goals (e.g. working to understand different values and world views; embracing ‘constructive conflict’; ensuring that ‘process’ is treated equally as important as ‘outcome’). Our experience facilitating the development of solutions-focused conservation plans among industry, government, the NGO community, and Indigenous partners has given us perspective that we feel may provide value to the Conservation Optimism leadership team. As we are a firm believer in the need for better collaboration, inclusivity, and optimism if we are to succeed, we hope that our experience can help contribute to strengthening the Conservation Optimism strategic planning process and outcomes.

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