Friends of the Rainforest‘s mission is to inspire kids and adults to take action to protect, expand and save the Rainforest. Our focus is the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica, but the overarching goal is to engage kids and help contextualize the Rainforest and help connect them to it, even from Missouri.

We offer free education programs for schools and community groups, provide grants to our sister organization the Monteverde Conservation League in Costa Rica, as well as organize ecotours for school and family groups to visit the Rainforest.

We believe that education is cornerstone of any environmental activism. Especially for kids in Missouri, the Rainforest can feel very distant and disconnected from us. We work to connect kids and adults to the Rainforest, teach them how interconnected our world is and encourage them to take action in their own lives in their own backyards!

Friends of the Rainforest would like to join the Conservation Now network to be connected to like-minded organizations, to learn from other environmental stewards, and find ways to grow our programming and organization alongside the greater Conservation Optimism community and movement.