The rapid growth of human population and technological developments over past centuries have placed unprecedented demands on earth’s natural resources. These pressures have accelerated occurrence of disease pandemics, loss of biodiversity through habitat loss and climate change, causing devastating consequences if unchecked. Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization is committed to finding solutions to this dilemma. Our professional work involves daily wildlife research, working closely with zookeepers, wildlife rangers, veterinary technicians, fish and game wardens, government officials, and members of the community while using the One Health Approach of professional multidisciplinary.

As an early-stage conservation organization in Africa, and particularly in Uganda, EWCO has come to a point in its conservation career where we are keen to immerse in a relevant conservation capacity building programme, such as Conservation Optimism, which is pertinent as biodiversity conservation and management require competent human resource for effective management.

Partnering with Conservation NOW will offer EWCO a platform to learn, meet multidisciplinary professional teams and strategic partnerships, creating local and global networks for future collaborations in addressing global conservation challenges. We look forward to contributing towards being part of the change for sustainable improvement and conservation of biodiversity through collective decision making.