Better Century is a network of ordinary people, businesses and charities, that provide sustainable solutions and inspiration. We aim to partner with hundreds of charities, businesses, associations, groups and research bodies, who are all providing part of the solution.

We believe that if we all come together to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and find better ways to collaborate, we can turn around the prospects of this century.

We believe in that a positive vision is the only thing that will get people to take meaningful action. If we aim toward something fantastic and can celebrate successes along the way, people will coalesce and believe that it is possible.

The largest wind turbine in the world is nearly 900 ft tall and each blade is more than 300 ft long.

The turbine has a capacity of 12 megawatts (MW), and it recently set a world record by producing 262 MWh of clean energy in 1 day, which is sufficient to power 30,000 homes. Wow!
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How much do you think food waste costs the average UK household each year? 👇

Hint: It's a triple digit figure 🤯

#ReduceFoodWaste #FoodWaste #LoveFoodHateWaste
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