BEEgreen Ltd. is a socially minded enterprise that is committed to the conservation of bees through research and education.
Have you ever thought of bees other than honeybees? There are hundreds of different bee species in Tanzania providing vital services for ecosystems and humankind. This project gives riveting insights into the lives of bees. Raising awareness around their existence and diversity increases the chance to fight their declines, pollination deficits, and food insecurities. Humankind is not helpless in the face of these challenges but can take simple steps to encourage bees to counter their decline.
We have created a refuge for bees and educational experiences that inspire and empower people from all backgrounds to make a positive change: BEEtopia.

The specialty of BEEtopia: we work with solitary and stingless bees (Meliponini). This allows for purely positive experiences as nobody will get stung!