Alongside our Good Natured Short Film Festival, we have teamed up with Shoal, an organisation working towards conserving freshwater species, and will be presenting an exhibition of the winning entries from the Lost Fishes Art Challenge at the Oxford Museum of Natural History on the 29th of October, showcasing some of the best images of species from Shoal’s Search for the Lost Fishes campaign. These ‘Lost Fishes’ are a selection of freshwater fishes that have not been recorded in over a decade, but which have not been declared Extinct. Shoal will launch expeditions to try find the species and, once found, will install a conservation programme to bring them back from the brink of extinction. Learn more at You can see all the shortlisted artworks below!

As you can see, our judges Jeremy Wade, Dr. Eleanor Adamson, and Ivan Mikolji had their work cut out for them choosing just one illustration to become Shoal’s oh-fish-al image for each of the lost species.  You can watch their panel discussion below to find out more about what they liked about different artworks.

Overall Winner: Fat catfish by Cathy Outlet (Germany)

Portfolio Winner: Lee Vincent (Hong Kong)

Youth Winner: Annamite barb by Lila Swartz (USA)

Winners Per Fish Species:

Titicaca orestias by Tracy Sachs Kuhlman (USA)

Syr Darya shovelnose sturgeon by Sam Julian (USA)

Annamite barb by Chrysteena Garcia (USA)

Fat catfish by Joanna Bowley (UK)

Mesopotamian barbel by Jennifer Clausen (Sweden)

Haditha cavefish by Camilo Julián (Mexico)

Itasy cichlid by Mitch Smith (USA)

Spinach pipefish by Brianna Jorgenson (USA)

Duck-billed buntingi by Chrysteena Garcia (USA)

Batman River Loach by Aby Helme (UK)

Full shortlist:

Annamite barb

Batman river loach

Duck-billed buntingi

Fat catfish

Haditha cavefish

Itasy cichlid

Mesapotamian barbel

Spinach pipefish

Syr Darya shovelnose sturgeon

Titicaca orestias



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