Last week, citizens all across the globe gathered (virtually and in spirit) to celebrate Earth Day 2021. This year, more than ever, people are longing for a renewed connection with nature.

Those confined to cities for the past year find solace in breathing the pure, fresh air of the countryside, while rural populations discovered a quieter, more peaceful nature, seemingly regenerated from the few months of quiet provided by the disruptions the pandemic caused to human activities.

Whether this renewed appreciation for nature will be the driving force behind new commitments towards climate and biodiversity targets remain to be seen. Yet, we remain hopeful and optimistic! So, we invited our audience to join us in celebrating Earth Day 2021 and show their appreciation for our beautiful planet. This year, our artistic tribute was in the form of haikus!


Now, without further ado, here’s a selection of our best submissions so far!




Carol Kerven

The wet sand heaved

Tide slowly tilted away

As the sea breathed





Bradley LW Gewa

Round, mostly blue, green

The men you bear, do they care?

Choking you with filth





Pippa Howarth

On a coastal plain

A prize pebble is gifted

Gentoos become one



NOAA’s National Ocean Service, Wikimedia Commons

Will Sharkey

Drifting through currents 

A dragon under the waves 

Dancing through the kelp



Andrey Giljov, Wikimedia Commons




E.J. Milner-Gulland

Saigas leap 

In boundless steppe 

Their air-spirits roam their untrammeled home







SEED Madagascar

From green, blue, rich browns 

To red infernos, drowning towns 

We must slow down


Lemur Conservation Network

Sifakas leaping 

Ayes ayes foraging for grubs 

Such unique species!



Nishand Venugopal

Nature can nurture life with care,

If you play fair

There’s enough, if you respect and share


Penguin Watch

Despite what you think

Penguins are fierce predators

Proud to research them


Photo credit: Cedness (Flickr)



Julia Migné

Endless pearls of light 

Nuptial feathers on display 

A grebe glides away





Photo credit: Elisa Bracco (Flickr)




Nina Seale

Global growth on pause 

A chance to reimagine 

The future we choose







Streams ripple with fish, 

Scales flashing iridescent. 

Water bursts with life. 

Beneath the turbid surface 

– a world of wonder! 

Overlooked, threatened.





Synchronicity Earth

Arteries of life

Rivers support all species

Time to recover





Photo credit: Hollie Booth




Hollie Booth

Cartilaginous Flat and round, 

they swish and flap 

Patrolling the reef





Photo credit: Forest Healing Sri Lanka


Forest Healing Sri Lanka

We heal the forest 

Re-greening bringing meaning 

The forest heals us


Molly Grace

Green Status asks,

When are species recovered?

Answers may surprise!




Photo credit: Flickr


Dr. Heather Spence (Marine Biology & Music) 

Sunlit ripples spread 

Dipping inside Ocean world 

We are but tourists





The infamous ‘Blue Marble’ photo, shot by the Apollo 17 crew in December of 1972. Photo credit: NASA





Nancy EarthDayEveryDay Castaldo

Time to celebrate 

Our Earth of intense beauty 

Finding ways to care







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