Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! We are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of weekly motivation.

1. Sydney’s new rewilding site welcomes back locally-extinct species

” For the first time in more than 100 years, eastern bettongs will be back in New South Wales when they are reintroduced to Sydney’s first 555 hectare feral predator-free national park.”

2. A Lagoon restoration success story in Melbourne Beach, Florida

” The Brevard Zoo led Wexford Oyster Project has led to the natural recruitment of over 300,000 oysters in only 1.5 years”

3. Florence and her cubs give hope that west African lion can come roaring back

” National park in Senegal shows off three surprise new recruits in fight to save critically endangered species from extinction”

4. Lord Howe Island woodhen numbers double in a year as wildlife bounces back after rodent eradication

” The Lord Howe Island woodhen’s population has doubled in the past year. The numbers of more than 30 other threatened plant and animal species found on the island are also recovering ”

5. Department of the Interior, USA releases bison restoration plan, prioritizing tribes

” The Interior Department on Friday announced several new initiatives to restore wild bison to grasslands, which will enhance soil development, restore native plants and wildlife and provide benefits for agriculture, recreation and tribal communities.”

6. A new conservation programme is in place in Chile to protect the endangered Huemul Deer

” Rewilding Chile has led a public-private initiative to restore biological corridors for the species along Patagonia’s Route of Parks. The Huemul Deer has been reduced to less than 1% of its original range “

7. An Antidote for Environmental Despair: Why we need optimism in conservation

” When it comes to conservation, hope is much more useful than gloom.  

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