Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! Each week we are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of Monday Motivation.

1. The radical coral rescue plan that paid off

“When Hurricane Iris hit southern Belize, the country’s magnificent corals were destroyed. But within 10 years, a radical restoration project brought the reef back to life.”

2. North Macedonia names its third Wetland of International Importance

“North Macedonia has designated Lake Ohrid as its third and largest “Ramsar Site”. It is the deepest lake by average depth in Europe and a World Heritage Property since 1979.”

3. Conservationists in Chile are working to re-populate the native rhea bird into its Patagonia region

“The birds were bought to near extinction locally as a result of illegal hunting but conservation work and reintroductions has increased the population from 20 to 70 in one area”

4. Cayman Islands sea turtles back from the brink

” Monitoring from 1998-2019 shows loggerhead and green turtle nest numbers increased dramatically, though hawksbill turtle nest numbers remain low. 

5. Mozambique Mints a New National Park — and Surveys Its Riches

“In the wake of wars, natural disasters and insurgencies, Mozambique is experiencing an environmental renaissance. One of the results is a new and stunningly beautiful national park.”

6. In major move, South Africa to end captive lion industry

“South Africa says it will end its captive lion industry in a major move for conservation that would outlaw the heavily criticized “canned hunting” of the big cats and sale of their bones, as well as popular tourist experiences like petting cubs.”

7. Denmark is set to designate 13 new National Parks

“The Danish government proposes that park management should be based on rewilding, a strategy that includes the reintroduction of key grazing animals such as bison, elk and red deer in large natural areas that will manage themselves.”

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