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Wild life as an emerging field for women– Saturday 10th December 2022 – 01:00pm PKT

Join Conservation Optimism Pakistan on Saturday 10th December 2022 at 01:00pm PKT for a a webinar on Wildlife as an emerging field for women. The main aim of this webinar is to address questions like is it save for women to join wildlife as their career, what difficulties they often face in this field and how they overcome them.

Kiran Saleem worked as an Education Officer in the Lahore Zoo, Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department. She completed her MSc in Zoology from Department of Zoology GC University Lahore which is oldest in the country. She has more than 16 years of experience working in wildlife. Presently, she is serving as the first female Deputy Director, Lahore Zoo, which is one of the oldest and largest zoos of Pakistan.

Huma Wasiq has been working to project nature and culture of Pakistan with diversity in her work since 24 years. Working with Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, Snow Leopard Foundation, Hagler Bailly, STFP, Adventure Foundation Pakistan, USAID program, Ayubia National Park and Margalla Hills National Park she has produced various awareness materials for conservation of nature and cultural preservation. Apart being regular participant of birdwatching team with Asia Study Group, under Z.B.Mirza’s guidance Huma learned museology, taxidermy along with several other arts & crafts.
As a painter she  focus on heritage and birds of Pakistan, highlighting their importance and relationships. As a painter, field researcher and writer, a variety of her work has been published in the magazines of the daily Dawn, The News, The Nation and Natura of WWF. She has displayed several exhibits of her work including solo and group shows at both national and international levels. As an book illustrator she has painted hundreds of animal and bird species in 5 books, among which one book was a gifted to Pakistan from the British government at Pakistan’s Golden jubilee. This book also received the best book award from Wildlife Conservation Society, in 1998. She illustrated 4 cartoon/comic books and 2 tourism guide books. As a project leader UNESCO she is running three enterprises to promote heritage of Pakistan. She has been decorated by several awards based on her outstanding works including Presidential Award and Special Artist Award 2016.

Haseena Ambreen who basically belong to Bannu holds M.Sc Forestry , M.phil Biodiversity and Plant Conservation degrees with a Post graduate diploma in gis.  She Joined Wildlife Department as Range Officer in 2008. Being  First Female Officer it was bit tough to understand the people around her and work procedure but neither she found it difficult nor the cooperation of bosses ceased at any level. In 2014 she was selected as Subdivisional wildlife officer, serving as lecturer in Pakistan Forest Institute on transfer for one year . Later on she again joined her mentor department and started to work with the Peshawar zoo which just  at that time recieved acceptance to be built by forums From scratch.  In 2018 she got her promotion and the first female DFO of Wildlife department KPK. On one hand it was not only excitement but also a new responsibilty to lead the other female in best possible direction so to got their own recognition in this world of men.

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