WildTeam UK has joined ConservationNOW and embraced the vision of #conservationoptimism because:

  • We have shared values (WildTeam’s values are “Celebrating nature” “We believe people are the solution”)
  • We are confident that, with the right (positive) attitude and (professional) skills, conservationists can change the world for the benefit of wildlife and people alike
  • It is our fundamental belief that it is only through support and collaboration with other organisations and individuals that we will be able to achieve a real and long-lasting conservation impact
  • Re-enforcing and shouting about positive change is a powerful means to magnify its effects.

By joining the network we hope to gain:

  • New friends and partners who we can work together with to inspire, empower, and support other conservationists in their journey towards making a difference wherever they work
  • Opportunity to inspire people through the power of song through the Conservation Optimism annual Conservation Karaoke competition.  


You can email us directly, or submit an email here!


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