Share your optimistic conservation story here and become part of a network of like-minded conservationists all over the world. This is a hub for sharing experience, ideas and a positive vision for conservation. By sharing your work you will publicise the great work you’re doing, and help us to change the discourse away from doom and gloom towards a new, forward-looking conservation that learns from its mistakes and celebrates its successes. Together we can build a global movement that can change the planet’s future for the better. You can write your story in any language supported by google translate. Your story does not have to be about success; just as important for the Conservation Optimism mission* is to share challenging situations, from which you learnt about how to do conservation better, or which provide insight, foundations or hope for the future. And the story does not have to be in the past for you to write about it – conservation is never over! By tagging your story effectively and including a geographical location, you will help people to search the repository. For example, someone might be interested in what types of conservation have worked to make bushmeat hunting more sustainable in Tanzania, or in optimistic stories about locally managed marine protected areas from all over the world. Your story will be shared on this site and form part of a repository, which we hope will build up into a resource for analysis that anyone can use to better understand how to make conservation work better. We may also publicise your story in various ways (for example by tweeting about it). By submitting your story you are agreeing to it being shared and used in this way. You are also affirming that you have considered the ethical issues surrounding your story (for example you are not identifying people or wildlife in a way that may lead them to be harmed). The story can be written in whatever style suits you. Please try to make it as specific as possible (i.e. about a particular area and time period). You just need to follow our code of conduct guidelines (see last checkbox), and in particular we do not allow stories which advertise commercial services or are just saying how great an organisation is, without any substantive conservation content. All stories will be checked and moderated before posting, but we cannot bear responsibility for issues arising from a posting. Thank you very much for sharing your story! It appears that you are not currently logged in. In order to submit a post, please log in or register using the form on the right hand side of this page.