Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) is a UK registered charity and a US 501(c)3 organisation with a vision to protect the natural environment and enhance socioecological wellbeing. We aspire to achieve dignity, justice and respect for all beings.

Optimism and a firm belief in the positive power of human action is at the core of our work and we are inspired everyday by the people we work with. Whether itโ€™s the Amazigh communities of the High Atlas Mountains whose traditional cultural practices have for millennia sustained the regionโ€™s rich biodiversity and local livelihoods, or our Global Environments Network and its 330 โ€“ and counting! – dynamic environmental changemakers who are promoting social and environmental justice across the globe. 

GDF believes that the relentless gloomy narrative that dominates our media is detrimental to inspiring the change or social action required to transform our world. We choose to counter that narrative by celebrating solutions and the central role that people play in conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and cultural landscapes.

We are pleased to be part of the dynamic and inspirational Conservation Optimism Network and join other organisations that share these values and celebrate successes to help build an optimistic conservation movement that will inspire society to take positive action.

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Communities living with wildlife ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ˜ in Africa have asked for a new deal around conservation & to be as equal partners conserving biodiversity.

โ€œThe reality is that the fate of wildlife lies mainly in the hands of those who live with it daily."
3 days ago
Thymus saturejoides Coss. is an endangered, endemic medicinal plant of #Morocco & #Algeria. Leaves are used in #traditional #medicine as an anti-inflammatory to treat bronchitis, coughs and rheumatism ๐Ÿ’œwe are cultivating this powerful plant in our #community nurseries. #Thyme Glob_Diversity photo
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#Agroecology can support food production and food security and nutrition while restoring the ecosystem services and biodiversity that are essential for sustainable #agriculture.

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