Conservation Optimism Blog Guidelines

Why a blog?

Blog posts are a great way to share the work you are doing with the world and to spread #ConservationOptimism. Blogs help us amplify your voice and promote your stories within the wider Conservation Optimism community, and they give you up-to-date presence and impact. Blogging also helps to give the outside world a sense of the kinds of things we do, the way we think, and what we value.

Anyone can write a blog, whether you are a student, a conservation practitioner, a ConservationNOW member or none of these!

What to blog about?

You can write about almost anything and everything as long as it complies to our mission and guidelines. You can find some of our ideas below. 

If you are a ConservationNOW member, we would like to ask you to write your first blog about your organisation as a way of introducing yourself and your organisation to the wider community. This will help us foster our community and continue our Optimism journey together. Of course, we would love for you to continue writing blog posts after your introductory blog post. We are always happy to receive submissions or to discuss ideas.

We are also very happy to cross-post blogs from other websites. Just get in touch with us and we will make it happen. We will, of course, always credit the original source of the post.
Help us amplify your voice and get your stories out there!
Click through the ideas below to see some of our suggestions for blog posts:

Do you have a conservation project that’s delivering results for people and wildlife? Share your work with the world, tell us about the ingredients of your success, and inspire your audience with an uplifting case study. These blog posts are a chance to showcase what you do, where you work, and the methods you use. Give a balanced and reflective account of your work in which you celebrate your impact and draw learning lessons from your failures.

How do you think we can transform environmental narratives? How can we use hope to engage more fully with others? These blog posts are a chance to get a bit philosophical and think about the bigger issues that are holding conservation back, and how we could overcome them. Feel free to give your opinions, but try to make a convincing argument. Using real-world examples or sharing your experiences can make your case stronger.

Is there someone who gives you hope for our planet and inspires you to be a better conservationist? Maybe, a mentor or supervisor who gave you new ways of seeing things, or simply a friend making a difference. This is your chance to shine the spotlight on one of the many thousands of people working around the world for a better future.

Give us a profile of your hero, describe their work, and their background, but make it personal too: help us see why they inspire you and give us a peek into your relationship. It may be worth getting the permission of your subject before you write. If you want to try something different, why not interview them and write it up?

Do you have a resource to share or a paper to explain and make accessible to everyone? Do you have a new app, a new map, or an interactive tool? Online learning? A call for grants? News about a new summer school or a citizen science project? A cool new event? Write it up, share relevant links and let the rest of the world know about it!

Some final tips

The most important thing to keep in mind is that our blogs aren’t just for conservationists or for academics: they are for everyone who is interested in us, our work and conservation! Please try to not to use too much lingo and forget about the technical way of writing things for a moment. Include photos to help tell your story, and if you have videos, infographics, or other creative media.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy blogging!
Emiel and Mirjam​